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The Visuals team of the North Georgia Conference is glad to make available the banners used in past Annual Conference sessions. Let us know (contact info below) if your church would like to borrow a set of banners for a sermon series or for a season.

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2021 Love Makes Room

2021 LOVE makes room (5 banners and strings of hearts). Hearts have pictures from websites of North Georgia churches in ministry.

Center banner: Love Makes Room

Text on 4 side banners: for everyone, at the table, for your call, to trust Jesus

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The circles represent the love of God pouring out, the rain that falls on both the just and unjust (Matthew 5:45). The circles are patterned to form a dove, the symbol of the Holy Spirit anointing the disciples at Pentecost.

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The Holy Communion banners with multiple chalices remind us that we are

one in Christ

one with each other

one in ministry to all the world

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The Annual Conference presentations encouraged us to grow in faith through spiritual disciplines. The banners with the times of day encourage us to pray the hours.

Join the team

We would welcome your creativity and helping hands. Contact Deanne Lynch or Cyndi McDonald to be part of the visuals team.