Cash and Checks

Gifts of cash or checks are the most common form of giving to the church.


You can put cash in the offering envelopes located in the pews & complete the front of the envelope with your name, as well as the designation for the gift, so the business office can give you credit on your contribution statement.


Your check can be made to BFUMC. Please designate on the bottom left corner of your check if this is for a specific purpose, such as a special offering.


You can specify that a gift is made in honor or memory of someone. When gifts are made in memory or honor, they are publicized in the subsequent monthly edition of the Steeple Chimes newsletter.

Cash and checks may be put in the offering plate on Sundays or dropped off by the Church Office during the week. Checks may be mailed to Barnesville First United Methodist Church, 375 Thomaston Street, Barnesville, GA 30204. If you have any questions about giving, please email Lanie Long or call the Church Office at 770-358-1494.


By donating appreciated stock to Barnesville First United Methodist Church, the donor is able to receive a tax deduction for the fair market value at the time of the donation without having to pay capital gains tax on the increase in the value of the stock.

There are two ways you may transfer stock to Barnesville First United Methodist Church.

You can have your broker transfer a specified amount of stock from your brokerage account into the church's brokerage account. Once the stock has been received in our account, it is sold and valued as outlined below. To insure timely and correct posting of your donation, contact Jere Koser, on the finance and endowment fund committee, and inform him of the details of the transfer and how the funds should be applied.


The church sells stock donations immediately upon receipt and the proceeds. The church will send an acknowledgement letter stating the type of stock received, the date of receipt and other necessary information. This is your receipt for any tax deductions that may be available. The amount of deduction available for a donation of stock is usually the fair market value on the date of donation. You should consult your broker and tax advisor for further information and advice on the amount of deduction available in your particular situation.

The Endowment Fund

An endowment is a gift whose earnings are used to support the mission of the organization. The principal of the gift is invested but never used.  

The earnings for the Endowment Fund are used in three ways: 

  • Missions
  • Education
  • Building and Grounds

The Endowment Fund has grown through its return on existing investments and through people like you who designate their gifts to Barnesville First United Methodist Church Road as for the Endowment Fund. Like other gifts to the church, these can be made in memory or in honor of someone.

Making a Gift

Making a gift to the endowment fund is like making any other gift to the church. Just specify on the check, or let the church office know with a note or email, that the gift is for the endowment fund. 

Other ways of giving to the church or to the Endowment Fund include:

  • Through A Bequest: This is a provision in your will, usually for a stated amount or for a percentage. You may bequeath property including land, residences, even commercial use.
  • Through An Insurance Policy: You may name the church as the beneficiary of a life insurance policy, or gift a policy to the church
  • Through Securities: This most common form of non cash charitable gifts includes shares and bonds
  • Through a Charitable Remainder Trust: This provides an annual income for the donor, with the remainder specified for charity