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How to Record

Hold or place the camera landscape (sideways) instead of portrait (vertical), the same shape as a tv. 

Use a tripod, or place your camera on a shelf. Place this eye level or slightly above. People don't want to see your nose hair.

Check the camera settings so that you have the highest quality video. 

Open settings >> Camera >> Record Video. Select the highest numbers such as 1080p at 60 fps

Lots of light makes for better video quality, but don't stand in front of a bright window.

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Share your recording

How you send the video makes a difference. Sometimes the phone shrinks a video when we use text or email. This deteriorates the quality of both the images and sound.

Use this link to send the best quality file to the church dropbox. You do not need to have a dropbox account.

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Add your voice

Contact Rev. John Cox to get the printed copy of the music. You will sing along to this video.

We will combine the recordings of individuals into one video, all singing together, using the process below. 

Recording music that will be combined with others' music

Practice the accompaniment video on a computer or phone. 

Play the files through headphones and sing along with them. Practice until you are comfortable with the music. You can use one of the recordings on YouTube or the player below.

To Record Your Part (Easy Way):

Schedule a time to record in the church. We have set up a recording room on the first floor. Bring your phone and headphone. We have extra headphones if you need a set. You will listen to the recording on your headset as we record you singing.

To Record Your Part (I Can Do It All At Home)

You will need two devices: either two phones or a computer and a phone.

Listen to the accompaniment through the headphones. (Ex. plug headphones into a laptop). You will use the phone to record a video of yourself singing.

Set the phone to "selfie" so we can see you! Hit "record" on your phone and then hit "play" on your computer or other playback device for the first file. Sing your heart out! Then hit "stop" on your phone or other recording device and "stop" on your computer or other playback device. 

Please read through the instructions about about how to set up your phone and transfer your recording.

Virtual Choir - Music for Pentecost